Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pottery Barn Kids Knock-off Valentine Holder

I made these Valentine holder's last year when I was super pregnant. There wasn't much time to post this blog because it was so close to Valentine's Day, there wasn't much time. 

Therefore I thought I would share this post this year in hopes that it may help someone for this year. 
Pottery Barn Kids had these cute envelope Valentine holders on their website and if I remember correctly they were $30.00+ dollars. I thought that was nuts!

I started off with three pieces of red felt, each piece measuring 9"x14"inches. The back part of the envelope is one piece. The front flap is measured on a second piece. I used a permanent marker and the point of the triangle is just 2"inches from the bottom. I cut it out. 

The last piece took some time, but I just went down 4"inches from the triangle flap and cut directly straight across. If your child is going to have a lot of valentines you will need the strength of this piece to hold them in. 

All three pieces layer on top of each other. I pinned some ribbon at the top of the envelope to be able to tie to a chair before I machine stitched around the entire envelope. 

Afterwards I used white embroidery thread to hand stitch around the entire envelope. The pink heart was from the dollar store, I used fabric glue to attach it. 

It is OPTIONAL to also embroider your child's name onto the envelope if you would like a more personal touch. 

This is a great starter project for the upcoming "LOVE" holiday. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll do my best to answer them. 


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