Monday, January 12, 2015

DIY: Seattle Seahawks Wreath

Seahawks beat the Panther's this weekend so I am thrilled to be able to share this DIY wreath with you today. This means we are playing Green Bay, just one game away from being in the Superbowl, AGAIN!!

Let's begin by saying that I made three of these wreaths, one for my parents, one for my brother and one for us. I had a surplus of fabrics left over from when I created my Seahawks Quilt for Everett. 

Did you see it? Find it HERE

What you need to create this wreath:
3/4 yard of dark blue cotton fabric
1/4 yard of white cotton
1/4 yard of grey glitter tulle
14"inch straw wreath
Red Heart Yarn in White, Grey, Neon Green and Navy Blue
Seattle Seahawks ribbon, one spool of each color
Glue gun and glue sticks LOTS of Glue Sticks!!

First off, I tore the fabric into large strips, 1 1/2" inches x the Width of the fabric. Using the glue gun to attach the fabric and then wrap it around the straw wreath. 

Next I ruffled up the grey tulle and glued it to the wreath but it looked funny so I tore the white into 1 1/2" inch strips and wrapped it around so that it looked more presentable. 

Then I made the pom poms. 

I spent lots and lots of time making pom poms, watched t.v. making them, ate dinner making them, all free time was making pom poms. 

I used four different sizes, you can find a similar set of Pom Pom makers HERE

Never made a Pom Pom? This video is very helpful

Again, I used the glue gun to attach all of the pom poms to the white portion of the wreath, that way the grey tulle is "splashing" out the ends. 

I live in Southern California and it is very difficult to find anything Seahawk, so I had to rely on some awesome Northern friends to send me the Team Ribbon. I wrapped one spool of the neon green and the white with the team name. Adhering using the glue gun. 

Viola! Your wreath is complete!! 

I hope that this inspires you to create your own team wreath. The two other wreaths I made are being sent off to my family, just in time to play the Packers next Sunday. Let me know if you have any questions and as always...Go Hawks!


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