Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seattle Seahawk Mini Pallet Sign

I love to make pallet signs! The best part about making a pallet sign is procuring the pallet. I am constantly looking for pallets to drag home, and when I found a tiny one behind a Von's supermarket I just needed it! Seriously it is little, a quarter the size of a normal pallet. 

Now that the Seahawks are going to a Superbowl for the second year in a row I thought I might up my spirit by making a pallet sign so that I could have it displayed on my front porch. 

Previously I have made other pallet signs, you can check out 

Both of those pallet posts give more detail into how I make each of my signs. 

Contact paper is how I draw out my image and then I cut it out and layer it onto the pallet while layering the paint. After I have layered all of my pieces along with the paint, after it dries I pull off the contact paper so that my image appears. 

This Seahawk pallet wasn't distressed so I just went back after peeling off the contact paper to do some touch up painting. If you choose to distress, you can follow my directions in the Harvest Pallet post

I am really happy how this turned out and it looks so good on my front porch. Proud to be a Seahawk fan, I didn't just jump on the bandwagon. My first game was in the Kingdom against Denver when John Elway was still a quarterback! *showing my age now* Let's just say I survived the Dennis Erickson years, but seriously I'm pretty sure that my lil' man is a good luck charm for the hawks since they have won since he was just a peanut. 

Go Hawks!


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