Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five: Birthday, Beach Ball and Baby Snowman

Another week has past by us and we are stepping into February. Five thoughts and Photos from the week, please join the fun with Emmymom2's Friday Five Link Party

Five Thoughts:

1. Overall this week, bath time has been my favorite time of the day. Lil' man just loves to play in the water, he loves it poured on him and he loves the bubbles. I think we have a swimmer. 

2. After another session of Mommy and Me, we stopped by the Dollar Store to pick up some plastic bins to make a tub toy organizer, I also purchased a beach ball. We have had so much fun with this ball it was got to be the best $1.00 I have spent ever!! We love to play baby soccer where Dad rolls the ball to him and while holding lil' man, I have him kick it back. He just laughs so hard. 

3. My younger brother's birthday is on Valentine's Day. Since I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this blog I feel it's safe to say that I have put together a party in a box for him complete with favors, cake mix, gifts and a tiny piñata that I've stuff full of candy for him. He is spoiled! We are mailing it off tomorrow because if it doesn't end well for us on Sunday, at least he has something to look forward too!

4. Valentine's Day decor is slowly being put up around the house, our Valentine's cards have just arrived so I have to start addressing those to send out. I've had Lil' man's photos done every three months and my goal is to have a photo for each month so at the end of the year everyone can receive calendars at Christmas. We have had Emily Kathryn Photography do all of our sessions and for January the Snowman photos are just perfect. 

5. Last thought, I'm nervous about this Sunday~so all I am going to say is GO HAWKS!!!

5 Photos:

Photography credit to Emily Kathryn Photo. 

Lil' man and his beach ball from the dollar store. 
I still need to cut the zip tie ends off, but the organizer is simply dollar store bins and a shower rod. Holds everything!

Uncle Dan, his birthday package and lil' man helping stuff his piñata. He is going to love it!

Sunset this week in Southern California. 

Lil' man at two months, when the season started. Time flies!

Until next week, wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!


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