Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five: Seahawks Party Prep

Hello! Another week has flown by and it is time for another week of Friday 5! Five thoughts and five photos of the week. Please join the link party with Emmymom2

5 Thoughts:

1. This week went by way to fast, but I think overall it has been very productive. The house is clean and I've been working on a ton of projects that I hope to blog soon. Even my laundry has been done for most of the week. 

2. Lil man and I went to Mommy and Me class this week. We hadn't been able to go since before Christmas. He was such a cutie pie, he was hollering and dancing for the other babies. He stayed awake the entire two hours but once he got into the car seat, passed out. Hope to go again next week. 

3. Have you seen the video for "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars? Oh My GOODNESS!!! Hubby and I are obsessed. It is the best when I have Lil Man in the baby carrier and I dance along with the video. He laughs so hard. 

4. I've been really excited for the Super Bowl this year. Looking back on last year, I didn't feel well being pregnant and didn't do a lot of party preparation. I'm going all out this time around. 

5. Still running, I absolutely love to run. It is only week two but it is such a clearing of the mind for me. I have 4 months to get ready for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in May. It will be my 9th half marathon, first after baby. 

5 Photos:
A friend made this adorable Seahawk hat for lil' man. 

I have been making some Go Hawks banners for friends and family. 

Lil Man riding through Target in the cart. He absolutely loved it. 

This is the inside of my mid century media console. I've been listening to Jazz lately. 

This was a year ago,  it seems like forever.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and great week ahead of them. See you next Friday.


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