Friday, August 26, 2011

Bracelets Using Vintage Buttons and Earrings

This is an idea that I picked up from a local flea market. A lady was selling kits using regular shell buttons. I thought I would make it into my own by digging into my ever growing stash of vintage buttons and earrings.
                 * E-6000 Industrial Adhesive (found at Michaels)
                 * Bracelet findings and toggles (also at Michaels)
                 * Wire or bolt cutters (from my toolbox)
                 * Vintage buttons and/or Earrings
                 * M&M's (we are crafting...may need a chocolate fix!)

Take off the backs of the earrings by using the wire or bolt cutters. 

Do this to all of your earrings and or buttons with backs. 
Lay out your buttons/earrings to your liking for a bracelets. 
Using the E-6000 put the glue on the bracelet and the earrings following the labels instructions. 
After letting the glue cure for two minutes I put the pieces together. Depending on the world around you, I left mine to dry for 72 hours for best results. 

This is the kit that I purchased at the flea market using shell and flower buttons. 
This is using some cute vintage buttons that I have purchased from the Vintage Recycler
I buy a lot of my vintage buttons from The Vintage Recycler on Etsy. Check out her great selection on some absolutely beautiful vintage buttons. 
Again, digging into my button stash...I made this for my mom. 

This isn't dry just yet...but I flipped it over so you can see the earring version of this bracelet. 

This one is my favorite using my colorful vintage buttons from the Vintage Recycler. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beach Bottles from Shabby Beach Nest

Nicole at the Shabby Beach Nest did a Beachified Blue Bottles Tutorial  that she posted on "Think Pink Sunday" and I just fell in love! She also lives on the California coast just down the way in Laguna. 
Her tutorial was lovely and easy to follow, I instantly pulled out some clear wine bottles out of the recycle bin and got to work to try to create my own beachy bottles.  Take a look at what I created. 

This is the "Beachy" guest bathroom
The guest bathroom has a lovely walk in shower that is rarely used. When we moved in, the bathroom needed a makeover so I painted one wall ocean blue and the other walls cream. A large shelf and hooks hold heavy beach towels when returning from the beach. 
I used four different shades of blue. 
 It took me some time but I drank a lot of cream soda in glass bottles to get enough to fill the area, let's just say I liked drinking the wine better. Using four different types of paint I have created the beach effect I was looking for. 
When the sun hits the window it casts a blue light in the bathroom. 
I will add with Nicole's tutorial, when I put the wine bottles in the oven I did lay them on the side on a cookie sheet that was covered in aluminum foil. 

Thanks so much Nicole for such a wonderful tutorial and inspiring me to create a beach bathroom oasis!