Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday 5: Getting this Summer Started

These last two weeks have been jam packed with lots of summer fun. Seems like we need a vacation from our vacation already. The weather has been beautiful and it has made our fun trips so enjoyable. 

We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo again but this time Dad was able to join us. We were able to discover even more stuff because I had an extra set of hands helping me with the boys. Visited Everett the snow leopard this trip. We ended our visit with a train ride around the park, after wards they let Everett sit in the drivers seat. He loved that. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Five: Beach Day, Potty Training, Monster, Food Truck and Running

Friday Fives are probably going to be a two week occurrence with summer. Sometimes we are crazy busy and other days we just stay home. It is easier for me to do this on a two week schedule, but let me catch you up on some big news!

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach with friends. It was so much fun. Everett loved being in the water and playing with the other kids. Miles just liked the sand. It was clearly easier to get photos of Miles, Everett was moving too fast to get any photos.