Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Five: Beach Day, Potty Training, Monster, Food Truck and Running

Friday Fives are probably going to be a two week occurrence with summer. Sometimes we are crazy busy and other days we just stay home. It is easier for me to do this on a two week schedule, but let me catch you up on some big news!

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach with friends. It was so much fun. Everett loved being in the water and playing with the other kids. Miles just liked the sand. It was clearly easier to get photos of Miles, Everett was moving too fast to get any photos. 

Everett is POTTY TRAINED!!

It took some planning, dedication and lots of "Potty Treats" but we did it! He was ready and took it up pretty fast. He was a trooper and I'm just so proud and happy for him (also so happy I don't have to change his diapers anymore). 

Meanwhile, we spent some time in the bathroom and Miles took that time to do some climbing. There is not a safe spot in this house because he always finds a way to get where he wants to go. He even resorts to moving chairs, turning over buckets and boxes to get that thrill of higher elevations. This guy has no fear, he loves the dirt and even ventures into the pool with his socks on. Miles the Monster (hope you get that NASCAR reference).  

I've been keeping up with my running and we completed another 5k race. This time I shaved almost 4 minutes from my previous time, which I credit the potty training. There is nothing more inspiring to run faster when you've been looking at a toilet for two days. We didn't get to do our 5k this week because we started swim lessons. 

Both boys started swim lessons this week. It was difficult because our boys love the water but really hadn't been to a public pool setting. They were ready to jump off the side into the pool and play, so sitting and listening to an instructor was totally new. We will keep it up. Everett is so close to swimming solo, Miles thinks he's Michael Phelps. 

Last night was the first Thursday of the month so we try to go to our local Food Truck  Meet Up for dinner. We always try new foods, this week was grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes (Hubs ordered a Peanut butter & Jelly cupcake). This week they had a bird guy there with his menagerie of birds that Everett just loved and live music. It was fun. 

Hope you had a fantastic week. You will hopefully hear from us again in two weeks. 


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