Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday 5: Getting this Summer Started

These last two weeks have been jam packed with lots of summer fun. Seems like we need a vacation from our vacation already. The weather has been beautiful and it has made our fun trips so enjoyable. 

We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo again but this time Dad was able to join us. We were able to discover even more stuff because I had an extra set of hands helping me with the boys. Visited Everett the snow leopard this trip. We ended our visit with a train ride around the park, after wards they let Everett sit in the drivers seat. He loved that. 

We took another trip out to Underwood Family Farm. We spent the whole morning there. Everett loved "driving" the tractor, he kept telling Miles to "Hang On."  Everett is getting so big he rode on the Bumble Bee tractor ride all by himself. We even trucked the stroller out to the pick your own fields were we picked strawberries, raspberries and some carrots. Later I used the raspberries in muffins for breakfast. 

Boys who bake!! These two love to help me in the kitchen and they love to make cookies. They helped me make the sugar cookie dough, when it was nap time I used the planes, trains and car cookie cutters. They were so delicious and soft I didn't even bother putting frosting on them. 

Both boys attended their first Summer Birthday Pool party at the public pool. They had a whole water area for Everett where he was able to go down the slide and play in a splash pad. He spent nearly three hours in the water having so much fun. Miles enjoyed it too with some supervision. Another trip is in store for us this summer.  

I made some home made play dough for them this week. They really had fun with the rolling pin and mini cookie cutters. It is baby safe so Miles kept tasting it. It smells really good because one of the ingredients is koolaid. 

We ended this week with Cars 3. Drove into Los Angeles to the Gene Autry Museum of the West to see the Road to the Races where we met Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez. They had tons of kids activities like matchbox car races, Everett was able to change a tire and Miles won a tube of toothpaste. After wards we went to the Travel Town Train museum so that we could have Everett's third birthday photos taken. Today we went and saw the movie at the theater and we just loved it. 

Miles just loves ice cream. LOVES IT!! He can't get enough and when he is tired of trying to use his spoon he just licks it out of the cup. 

Everett has mastered the art of the popsicle. It was really sweet when Dad was showing him how to eat it, now he has it down.  He just loves playing with his trains and the retro fisher price houses we've found for him. He gets so excited to go swimming that he helps clean the pool. Sometimes I think he is ready to lose his nap time but he surprises me and falls asleep in the funniest places (look at those long legs in that photo). 

Still keeping up with our summer Boogie Nights 5k series. These past two were weeks 4 and 5. We have five more weeks to go but we are getting faster and Dad has been able to go with us. It has been so much fun. 

Hoping to slow down a bit, summer is in full swing but I'm getting tired. We are looking forward to celebrating Everett's third birthday and maybe a visit from Grandpa and Grandma. 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. See you in two weeks. 


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