Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beach Bottles from Shabby Beach Nest

Nicole at the Shabby Beach Nest did a Beachified Blue Bottles Tutorial  that she posted on "Think Pink Sunday" and I just fell in love! She also lives on the California coast just down the way in Laguna. 
Her tutorial was lovely and easy to follow, I instantly pulled out some clear wine bottles out of the recycle bin and got to work to try to create my own beachy bottles.  Take a look at what I created. 

This is the "Beachy" guest bathroom
The guest bathroom has a lovely walk in shower that is rarely used. When we moved in, the bathroom needed a makeover so I painted one wall ocean blue and the other walls cream. A large shelf and hooks hold heavy beach towels when returning from the beach. 
I used four different shades of blue. 
 It took me some time but I drank a lot of cream soda in glass bottles to get enough to fill the area, let's just say I liked drinking the wine better. Using four different types of paint I have created the beach effect I was looking for. 
When the sun hits the window it casts a blue light in the bathroom. 
I will add with Nicole's tutorial, when I put the wine bottles in the oven I did lay them on the side on a cookie sheet that was covered in aluminum foil. 

Thanks so much Nicole for such a wonderful tutorial and inspiring me to create a beach bathroom oasis!