Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine's Day Hoop Art

Two adorable hoops were created this Valentine's Day. Each created with hearts and lots of love. Lots of stitching because the handy stitching is the easiest to do right now with lil' man. 

Photo from FlamingoToes
I created the smaller hoop totally inspired by a project from Bev at Flamingo Toes. You can find her tutorial HERE It was something that I saw on Facebook and literally ran out to the craft store to get what I needed to create my own version. 
My hoop doesn't use the sticks, instead I used flannel that I cut as an arrow. It was also fitting that I added "& Baby" because this is our first Valentine's day with our little one. 

The second larger hoop was something that took more time to create. My satin stitch was really not very good, but after stitching all of these hearts with variegated thread, each heart got better and better. 

I found the pattern on Pinterest, it was actually a pre-school coloring sheet for counting that I just printed off and transferred onto material. You can find the color sheet HERE

Photo from

Overall it was a lot of fun creating these hoops and it was so good to get the much needed practice I needed in satin stitching. 


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