Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

It was a wonderful Christmas to close out such a wonderful year. 2014 by far was our best year yet. So many blessings with a beautiful baby boy, a new home and what better way to end the year with a big Christmas with family. 

Family came early to spend some one on one time with the little guy. He loved all the attention and the playtime with his Uncle, Grandpa and especially his Grandma. 

Grandma GiGi (Great Grandma) also came for the festivities. She had gotten herself a new phone so my dad (her son) showed her how to work it. 

Uncle Dan is getting in on the Prime Rib before dinner. 
I was excited to spend some time in the kitchen. With my mom, Grandma, spending some quality time with Everett. I was able to cook and bake. Every year I make Oven Baked Berry French Toast for Christmas morning, it is one of our traditions we have had since we were married. Christmas Eve, my Dad made a Prime Rib dinner and on Christmas Day, the hubby deep fried two turkeys. 

Christmas Eve Night, I took some photos with the little man with his Dad, Grandpa and Grandma. It is such a special first Christmas!

Christmas morning started off with watching the train go around the tree. I was horrible at getting all of the cars to go around, but my genius brother, Uncle Dan, was able to get them all going around. 

Everett had lots of gifts, so as a family we each took turns opening his gifts for him. We also had fun putting holiday hats and bows on him.  

Grandma GiGi got him a cowboy hat, he really looked like his late Great Grandpa Tom *for Hells sakes*. Grandpa Tom was greatly missed this holiday, he would have had a great time with Everett. 

Grandma GiGi really wanted some portraits taken of herself. She said she wants to hang them in her nursing home when she gets older.  My mom took these beautiful ones of her, she is a REAL lady and very beautiful. 

Meanwhile, earlier I had made a dress to wear for Christmas dinner that I wore with an apron I had made, click HERE for apron information. 

Remember those dishes I scored earlier, well they looked fantastic on my table! All of my dishes were also served in my vintage Fire King casserole dishes. The excitement was too much for little man, he slept through Christmas Dinner. 

Overall it was a lovely holiday, for sure a memorable one for sure. So thankful for 2014 and just want continued health and happiness for 2015. 

Wishing everyone a very blessed New Year!


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