Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Five: Shopping is a Helmet Sport and Baby Running

It's Friday! The baby is asleep, the hubby is asleep and that gives me time to sit and reflect on the week and give you my five thoughts and photos. Please join me. 

1. I started running this week after purchasing a huge running stroller. The first 10 minutes went well and the last 10 minutes lil'man exercised his lungs. It was stressful to hear him wail, but I got a workout and we will keep trying. He isn't able to see me the whole time and that is a huge change for him. Huge change for me to have to push a stroller while running. 

2. Speaking of lil'man, he is teething and chewing on everything. This week we tried sweet potatoes he loved them, he literally was ravaging the spoon. 

3. Wednesday Flea Market, our friend's Patricia and Michael had found an amazing rocking chair and it was still there waiting for lil'man. It was beautiful and we had to have it. He sat like a gentleman in it while I ravaged a burrito. 


4. We are having 9 guests for Christmas dinner. I don't have enough plates or silverware! This week in my "thrifting" travels I found a great set that was from the 1950s AND had 12 dinner plates. I needed them!! But the next day was discount day and I had a chance of getting them at 25% off. So I waited. 

leads to:

5. 7:45 a.m. on discount day at Super Thrift. I was 15 minutes early and people were already lined up. So I pack up lil'man in the carrier and we go get in line. There is a older man at the front door wearing a bike helmet, *hmm. As 8:00 a.m. approaches and the store is about to open, a lady behind the older gentleman tells the HUGE crowd that we need to let him go first because last week he fell and people trampled him! So now he wears a helmet for his safety. He was already at the front, he must've been waiting since 7:30 a.m.. The doors opened and you would have thought I was at Target on Black Friday morning. 

But I did get the dishes!! They are from the Lifetime China Co. and absolutely gorgeous and match the decor of my home. 
The crowd fifteen minutes before it opened, and then my dishes on the right. 

Really neat to think my son will rack the miles in with me. 

He looks a mess, but this was his second outfit and he still has his turkey socks on. The rocking chair is oak. 

My mom got him this pacifier, he initially didn't like it but he does now and I just giggle. 

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