Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five: Record Player and Life with Baby

It's that time again for Friday's five thoughts and five photos. Last week with it being Thanksgiving and having my husband work the majority of the time I wasn't able to post. So this week will be a combination of the two. 

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1. The end of the year is the busiest time for my husband at work, there is always a 95% chance he will work on the holiday. Regardless, I always cook and he has the meal whenever he gets home. We were blessed this year because he  got the call out to work right after eating our dinner. 

2. Our little guy turned 5 months this week. The day after this mark he decides he is going to grab both feet and start pulling him self up to lean over in his chair. He fell the first time and scared the both of us, but he keeps trying and is starting to gauge his bearings a little bit better each time. 

3. Christmas cards went out, I have 15 days before family starts arriving for the holiday. So meal planning and wrapping gifts are the next on my to-do list. 

4. I was able to sew a dress this week and work on some Christmas crafts that I hope to blog about later. It's kinda tricky to do with the baby but my multitasking skills are getting better. 

5. The Record Console: (*I know this is supposed to be a thought but I have to share this.) 

Right before Thanksgiving I go to my local flea market on Wednesday. That week I found this amazing record/media console for a decent price. On a whim I buy it, truck it to my car, bring it home and drag it into my home to realize I made a huge rookie mistake. 

It has no cord to plug in. 

Embarrassment and shame sets in when I realize I will have to ask my husband for help and that it is going to be another project for him to work on. He comes home and pulls off the back and being the amazing guy that he is, gets the thing to turn on. The radio works, the speakers work but the record player won't turn.  *sigh

Long story shortened, two record stores later- a guy wearing an awesome Star Wars shirt is able to fix the old record player with some WD-40, oil and a new needle. 

Let's just say I couldn't get a new one for this price and it is totally original mid-century modern. *Did I mention the sound is AMAZING!!

This is the Delmonico Media Console I scored. The speakers on the side fold in and out. 

My little Turkey on Thanksgiving. 

This is a mom who multi-tasks. Playing with baby while creating festive bouquets in ice skates. 

This was a first this week. 

Finished my dress to wear to Creative Tea Time, bathroom selfie with my lil' man.

Until next week.

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