Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seattle Seahawks Team Quilt for Everett

I am a die hard Seattle fan, so naturally my son is going to be one too! My first football game was at the Kingdom in the early 1990's and the Seahawks were playing the Denver when John Elway was still playing. Funny, thinking back on it now, we played Denver in the Superbowl. 

So having a son, the need to celebrate the Seahawks is huge especially since my team is the World Champs the year that he was born. So naturally I had to make him his very own Seattle Seahawks Quilt. 

Let's start out with buying fabric. While on our trip to the local JoAnn Fabrics, we were in line at the cut counter when right in front of us another little boy was waiting wearing a Denver Bronco's Manning jersey. Awkward!! 

I pieced together the large chevron, but realized that trying to quilt with a baby would mean this blanket would take forever...and by that time he would probably be 12 years old. So I just opted to do large strips of coordinating fabric.

The Hawk's head, the major symbol for the team was hand drawn and cut out by myself. It was appliqu├ęd on in pieces but it is rather larger measuring 16"inches in length. It took some time but it was well worth it and I really loved how it turned out. 

Also had to add the 12 and his name so that the blanket was truly personalized for my little guy.  

Have you been to a Kingdom game? Or a Seahawks game?

 I had to call my dad to ask him about our first game and all he could remember was the football game we went to against Denver the night before the Mariner's won the 1995 division series. That Mariners season is really sacred in our family, but that is another blog post and probably another quilt. 

Go Hawks!


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