Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friday Five: Shopping and Teething

Friday Five time!! Sharing 5 thoughts and 5 photos from the week. 

Five Thoughts:

1. I'm having fun decorating for Christmas. It really is a mess everywhere right now but I have full confidence that it will be pulled together in the end. 

2. We are in the middle of changing a hutch in the breakfast nook into a coffee bar. I really like to have all things retro so it will probably take a little bit before I can collect everything to make it complete. The hunt is the best part. 

3. My little family made a road trip down south so that I could attend Queen Bee Market and hubs could pick up beer at The Bruery. It was really a nice break to see so many familiar faces and hug those who I don't get to see often. I love the crafting/mom community. *There are still some amazing women that I haven't met, that I would love to meet. 

4. Teething sucks. A whole new challenge with baby has me second guessing everything (*as if I wasn't already) and sometimes pulling my hair out because I just want to help him or take away the pain. Such is life, my mother's voice is in the back of my head saying "you just want to take away the pain for them."  

5. I had become that crazed mom this week. With no shame I was in my yoga pants, shirt with baby spit up and my hair tied back at a Starbucks, sitting with my vanilla latte staring blankly out the window. It was quiet, no one was crying and I just didn't have to remember anything in that moment. (Hubs was watching lil' guy, I was supposed to be at the grocery store). Probably the side effects of lack of sleep and teething baby. 

My BIG purchases at Queen Bee Market. "Chase Your Dreams" and "Hello Sunshine" from Salty Bison. "California Bear" from Junkartgypyz

Lil' guy and me just before going into the Queen Bee Market. He's so handsome and I look tired. 

My Christmas scores at the flea market this week. The yellow can is going in the coffee bar. 

The teething out he is tired, irritable and just plain miserable. *Cute even when he is upset*

The BEFORE of the transformation of the coffee bar, hubs was putting in a electric outlet. 


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