Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Visit to Tehachapi, California

Sometimes I get to travel around the smallest parts of California. This last month I was able to spend some time in the beautiful city of Tehachapi, California. 
Tehachapi is know mostly for it's trains, the Tehachapi Loop, and the thousands of windmills. But I discovered some of the smaller "gems" the town had to offer. 

First stop was this adorable Antique and Fancy goods shop called Auntie Em's. This shop was eye candy driving by because of the treasures that they have displayed out front (open 7 days a week). 

Upon going inside it was full of treasures!! Erin was working and was able to help when I had questions, we had a great chat and I walked away with this charming red Tonka truck.

Next stop was Debbie's Fabrics. Yes...I just had to stop. Can't stop in a town without checking out the local fabric shops. My husband says I have a sixth sense on finding them. 

They had a fantastic assortment of fabrics, amazing trims and patterns. What was great was to see the beautiful quilts and smaller projects that are displayed around the store. 

I purchased a pattern called Church Ladies Apron, by Mary Mulari Designs, along with two yards of retro fabric to create it. 

This really fits my personality and it was so much fun to create. It is reversible with the green with fruit on one side and blue floral with red and white on the opposite. 

I had a wonderful time walking around town, it is a great little stop with some cute shops. If you go through this area it is a great place to stop. 


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