Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Five: Blue Friday and Baby

It is a new year, 2015! And it is a new beginning with Friday's Five thoughts and photos. Each Friday I hope to post what's going on with me during the week. 

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5 Thoughts:

1. Our Monday started off with a 6 month check up for lil' man. Doesn't seem like it has been that long but he is growing fast and getting strong. He really isn't a baby, he's my lil' man. 

2. My house is a wreck, so instead of putting away Christmas decorations I've started a winter embroidery project and watched the entire new season of Downton Abbey. 

3. My word for 2015 is acceptance. Accept the things I can accomplish and accept that I can't always do everything that I want to. Sometimes it really is okay to leave the dishes in the sink and just be on the floor with lil'man. Accept that I can't always have dinner on the table, but that it is the small moments that are most important.

4. I went the whole week a day behind, had a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish and only got through the last thing on my list...laundry. Which leads me back to #3. 

5. It is the play-offs this weekend and the Seahawks play tomorrow. So Lil' man and me dressed in our blues. Lil'man is their lucky charm. 

5 photos:

Mom and Lil' man taking bathroom selfies. 

Dad and lil' man at the doctor. He rocked it when it came to the shots. 

Checking out the ladies at the flea market. He's a hit with the older women. 

My not so Christmas but still winter embroidery project. 

Here is my lil'man rocking the Blue. I just love him. 
Until next week, hopefully I will still be wearing Blue next Friday. 


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