Monday, September 10, 2012

From Pallet to Distressed Harvest Sign

This is part of a five day FALL series of DIY tutorials. 

Pallet Projects-They are EVERYWHERE!!

Although I would love to create a ton of them, I refuse to pay for a pallet, much less make my own. 

So I was thrilled when I was driving home one day and evidently one fell off of a truck...destined for ME!!!

So with it being an orphaned pallet, it was worse for wear. 

After completing the Pallet Power workout, I created a pallet sign 23"x40". 

But how make to make huge uniform letters?

I typed what I wanted at home and printed. Then drove to this fantastic place that is OPEN 24 HOURS, no back entrance required, called Kinko's

I asked them to make the print to the size I needed -VIOLA and five dollars later my letters are large. 

Next, I layered my font with contact paper and traced out all of the letters. Then cleverly cut them out keeping them together so that I could skip a step when trying to align them on the board. 

*Perfect time to catch up on DVR'd shows when cutting out letters. 

With the pallet my first coat of paint was a dark primer. Then I used Johnson Paste Wax and a rag to rub on various parts of the sign. 

Second coat was Rustoleum Satin Spray Paint called Fire Orange. After it dried I attached the contact paper letters. 

Finally the last coat is a cream color. After the paint dried, I used a hand sander and steel wool to distress the wood. 

Ta Da!!! A charming distressed sign perfect for my outside fall decor.