Thursday, September 13, 2012

Harvest Two Tier Treat Stand

Day four of my Fall series of DIY tutorials. 

If you missed it-

I have a table and chair, now the table needs something. The inspiration behind this project was from Pinterest. 

We like to have fires at night with friends where we drink wine, roast some marshmallows for s'mores. So why not make a cute tier treat stand to hold all the goodies?

No surprise here, I bought two cake pans for $1.00 at a thrift store. A threaded rod, nuts and washers and nylon locking nuts all in the same size for hardware. 

Also a wood rolling pin, that I take apart, and cut the pin in half. Save one of the ends for the top of the tiered tray. 

I sprayed only the inside of the pans Espresso brown, the outside I left original.

Step 1: Starting from the bottom up I put a nylon locking nut, a locking washer, regular washer and then the first pan. 

Step 2: Then I put the same combination on the inside of the pan but instead of nylon locking nut, I use a regular nut. Then over the hardware you put the first half of the rolling pin. 

Repeat Step 2 for the second pie pan. 

At the top you repeat Step 1 by using a nylon locking nut. Then super glue the rolling pin handle to the top. 

What a many DIY tutorials!! I am exhausted. Tomorrow you will get to see the whole thing come together. And how cute it really came out. 


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