Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outdoor Fall Table

Day two of my Fall series of DIY tutorials. 

My plan was to create a table outdoors for entertaining. Something that could hold drinks, glasses, food, etc. 
I scored this glorious table for $4.99 at a local thrift store. And it was a perfect size for my outdoor area. 

After watching an old episode of The Nate Berkus show, they did outdoor makeovers using wood furniture. 

His handy tip for success: USE OUTDOOR PAINT!!!

So after sanding and stripping off the old stain. I primed and painted using dark brown outdoor paint and a contrasting burgundy top. 

The contrasting tabletop gives the piece even more character. I even used a piece of Burlap as a festive table topper. 

If you are liking this table...then you are really going to love tomorrow's post. 



  1. Lovely! You're so good at sharing seasonal projects - keep up the great work! Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing you next month at the event in Orange. :]

    1. Yeah!!!! Quality Melody time, I just love shopping with you. Can we count bronze baby shoes again :-)