Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alameda Point Antique Fair

Alameda Antique Fair is one of the largest fairs and has been featured in tons of magazines. It is my favorite!!

Heck! Serena, the farm chick herself visited last month with the editors of Country Living Magazine

My husband likes to go really early to beat the crowds. We always have breakfast at this fantastic Retro breakfast joint called Ole's Waffle Shop.  

I would like to spend tons of money here and rent a huge truck to take it all home. 

Let me just say it was a good thing that we didn't take the truck. Everything I liked this trip was huge!!!

What was inspiring most was how festive some vendors can be...Halloween and Christmas decor was cleverly displayed.  

Little game my husband and I play every time we go to these fairs or flea markets....

We count how many times we see a certain item or object. 

Sometimes we count boat oars, rocking horses, velvet paintings...something that is kinda difficult to find, ISPY for adults. 

This time it was naked ladies a.k.a. photos, sculptures, or art.  Makes it so much fun!!
Some of the best things I like most about this fair is that the aisles are SUPER wide, there is always a good mix of items and vintage furniture and the food.

Pizza Politana was where Lance headed first, they had there own wood fire pizza oven and hand made each pizza with there own italian sausage. Delicious!

I had a vanilla latte but was eyeing the Belgian Waffles.  Didn't come home with kettle corn, only because it really wouldn't have made it actually home...the bag would. 

My pretty purchases, although I didn't photo the two large suitcases that Lance carried around for me. 

I am a suitcase and vintage linen hoarder. 

Hoping this post gets you excited to visit this great fair. If you don't even want to shop, at least come for some snacks. Hopefully will compile future posts so you can see what I make with my great purchases.

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