Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Farmers Market Finds

This past week, the weather has been its HOTTEST!! So this Sunday morning was spent walking through the Channel Islands Harbor Farmers Market. 

Such a shame, I should have taken more photos when I was there but coffee in hand, eating fruits and cookies and trailing my best friend Amy and her three was near impossible. 
Here are my great purchases:
I couldn't go without my Caramel Kettle Corn
Bouquets of fresh lavender and pink flowers
Heirloom tomatoes, where I hope to make some great salsa
 And almost two pounds of fresh green beans *canning blog to follow. 
The flowers were so fragrant and beautiful, I was able to arrange two bouquets for my dining room and living room. They smell so wonderful! 

Wishing everyone a restful Sunday and a wonderful beginning of the week!


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  1. Got a secret about the green beans. I never canned them. If you cut them up and put them in a zip-lock bag and fill it with water and freeze it, the beans will taste like they are freshly cooked when you cook them later. Try one bag. You might get hooked like I did.