Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Teacher Gifts

School has started for some already and about to begin for others. It is that time of year when back to school shopping is everywhere, supplies, clothing and dorm room decor. 

This used to be my busiest time of the year when I was a teacher ( I taught 6th Grade Reading). So much planning and excitement. 

But now that I don't teach anymore, my best advice to those who are returning to class:

It never hurts to spoil your teacher. 

That is why I put together this little blog to help show you how you can make a great impression, make you unforgettable with a little gift.
Now this goes across all age ranges, from kindergarten to college, you may consider it brown-nosing. As a teacher, I would think that your priorities are wonderful. 

First day is rough on both teacher and student. So....this is why some of these small tokens of appreciation are wonderful:

Tissue or Antibacterial Gel: You can never have enough for flu season.

Extra Paper: Either ruled or copy paper and/or Post Its. These are handed out like hot cakes!

Pencils or Markers: Teachers can never have enough pencils for those who forget or have broken tips. Markers are great for correcting papers. 

Chocolate or Coffee Gift Cards: I hate to admit to this now, but I drank so much Starbucks while teaching...its not healthy. The barista's asked what character we were reading so that they would put it on my cup. ALL TEACHERS LOVE CHOCOLATE, we hide it in our desks and snack on it during class time. It is a must and if you provide it, YOUR AMAZING!!!!!

Now if you really are an overachiever, get the BONUS points by making cute packaging. Something just as simple as apple stamps on a paper bag. *Adorable!!

I hope this helps for the first day back to class. Remember it is only 269 days until Summer Vacation, but who's counting?      ~Amanda


  1. Oh, Amanda, you're spot on here! Only for me it was Caribou Coffee...spicy mocha, it got me through many a morning! (Now that I'm retired I'm working on breaking the habit :)) There wasn't much I appreciated more than a Caribou Gift Card! Chocolate is great too, but I had trouble regulating myself on that one so I kept it in the desk of the teacher across the hall and she doled out one piece when I got back from taking the kids to gym every day!

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