Friday, August 24, 2012

KofColors Finished Workspace Make-Over

Wow!! It is finally finished. 

I can't tell you how much more organized things are and that you can now see the floor. *Not that you will always be able to.

Cost of the make-over:
$10.00 Metal Drawer Storage
$5.00 Table
$7.00 Cherry Oilcloth
$8.00 Spray Paint
TOTAL: $30.00

What one of the best parts of this process was re-discovering some of the great fabrics, trims and items I had stored away. Now everything has its place and it is easier to find what is needed. 

And when things were all in place, I couldn't help but be so excited and thrilled to start sewing again. Contemplated on making a matching sewing machine cover...but that would never be used because the sewing machine rarely stops. 

I hope you enjoyed all of my posts this week, it was so much fun to create this new space.

Now to start to blog some sewing tutorials. 


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