Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baseball Bookend

My dad loves baseball. Childhood memories are filled with being at the baseball field watching my brother, going to Seattle Mariner games in Seattle, and in the summer if I wanted to see my dad...I could find him at the field mowing the green. 

So when I purchased this summers Flea Market Style Magazine, I had to make the baseball bookends for my dad. 

6 baseballs (I used old baseballs from my dad's garage)
3/8" wood dowels
super glue
metal T-bar

Step 1: Drill a 3/8" hole halfway through two baseballs (balls #1 and #2; these are your base). Use a vice to hold balls while drilling. 

Step 2: To attach #1 to #2, insert a dowel that has been cut to fit into the balls; glue into place.

Step 3: Drill a 3/8" hold halfway through ball #3 and either ball #1 or #2. 

Step 4: Position ball #3 up against the one you just drilled. Insert pre-cut dowel, and glue into place. 

Step 5: Let glue dry overnight, I used a clamp to keep it tight. 

Step 6: Screw T-bar to bottom of baseballs. 

Please enjoy this tutorial. Let me know if you make your own baseball bookends. Mine are being mailed off to my dad.