Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lineman Insulator Decor

 Living with a lineman, he seems to come home from work with treasures. 

Glass treasures, that come in all shapes,sizes and colors. Some are huge, some are broken, others gorgeous colors and most are clear or green. 

With a garage full of insulators and lots of ideas online on how to use them as decor in the house. I thought I would share some of my creations. 

Some of these insulators are really rare and are worth a lot of money. 

This was only $2.00
It would seem like some of the easiest ways to display insulators is by making them into candle holders. 

I have found some great metal holders at thrift stores that are missing the glassware but are perfect to hold insulators. 

I just spray painted to the color that matched my decor and then placed the insulators inside. 

Using glass stones, for example that you would use for flower arrangements or fish tanks to fill the inside so that your candle isn't at the bottom. 

One problem that I ran into was that sometimes the holder was a little to large to hold the insulator. 

My solution to this problem was by using enormous plastic washers that are used for water filtration systems. You can find them in a package of various sizes at Lowe's. 

Here is my other set of three purple insulators. It sits next to the television and looks great when you have candles in them in the evening. 

*I don't use real candles, I opt for the small LED tea lights.

And I just had to add my lineman quilt that I did for my husband a few years back...with matching pillowcases. He sure loves this quilt. 


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