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Pinned #12: Vintage Velvet & Lace Bookmarks

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Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a book hoarder. 

No joke. If there was more time in the day I would spend at least three hours reading. Stacks of books sit on my bedside table, my request list for the library is at least three books long...

A whole pinterest board is devoted to books, Books: Movies in your Head. You can also follow me on GoodReads under Amanda Cunningham

This is where I found and pinned how to make these charming velvet and lace bookmarks from Andrea at Velvet Strawberries, you can see her bookmarks HERE.

You simply need some great vintage ribbon, clamps from Blue Moon Beads (purchased at JoAnns) and some great vintage charms.
Side One 

Also thought I would include some great summer titles that I read and thoroughly enjoyed

- The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom, this was recommended if you enjoyed "The Help" and it was a great read and the journey of the main character has you following closely behind her. 

-The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, such a beautiful depiction of Paris in the 1920's, but upon finishing you want to brush up on Ernest Hemingway. I loved this book!! If you liked the movie Midnight in Paris, you'll love this book. 

-The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day, this was recommended if you enjoyed "Water for Elephants" it is much darker but tells many small stories centering around one circus troupe. Very well written and I loved the imagery. 

-Friendship Bread by Darien Gee, this is the perfect book for a warm and fuzzy girlfriend read...think "Friday Night Knitting Club". You laugh, cry and squeak with excitement while reading, even has the recipe to make your own Friendship bread. 

Side two
Please enjoy my book bling and summer reads! Please let me know what book you really enjoyed reading this summer. I would love to add to my reading list. 


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