Sunday, August 26, 2012

Santa Barbara Triathlon

Mr. KofColors, Lance, was a participant in the Santa Barbara Triathlon. Let's just say it has been a few years since his last triathlon, but with lots of training, dedication and perseverance he finished strong.  

He entered in the Co-Ed Sprint portion of the race. Which was a 500 yard swim, six mile bike and a two mile run. This was a big achievement for him!! 

The swim portion took him 13:06, the water was a chilly 61*.

*I totally missed him coming out of the water, I was surprised with a wet salty kiss when he passed by. 

Then he had to transition to the bike that took 1:56

His bike portion 22:33. The set-up of the race didn't allow me to get across to see him on the bike. 

His transition to the run was 2:12. 
His run took 23:20
Total time: 1:03:07

Lance's favorite part of the race was the run

The coolest thing he saw was a 67 year old man pass him on the run. 

Funniest part was seeing a man wearing a hat with a shark fin on the top. (I love people that are festive during a race!)

I had intense nervousness for Lance before the race. The moments of seeing him in his transitions was exciting and seeing him finish was a moment that made me so incredibly proud. 

Let's just say it was SO weird to be a spectator. I have never been on "that side" of the event. 
Did I feel compelled to participate in a triathlon? NO! 
The fear of swimming in the ocean is enough for me to steer clear, but never say never~ I can surprise myself.  

He let me run with him in training, his favorite part was the run. SO- maybe I see a running event in our future???

Seeing him has made me thrilled for my next race in three weeks. 


Us after his finish. He did such a good job.