Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Five: Baking, Books, and Fast & Furious

Last week of February and it is time to get ready for Spring!! Please join EmmyMom2 in sharing 5 thoughts and 5 photos for the week HERE at the Linky Party. 

5 Thoughts:

1. This was my first week of serious meal planning. I really avoided it for so long mostly because my husband's work schedule is so unpredictable. Although it went really well, I gave myself room to have a "salad" night and a "left over" night so that when he did have to work late I could use that as a night to not cook. So far so good, will attempt again next week. 

2. This was the week of projects. Lately I have been finishing so many projects that I start a whole round of new ones. This is when the husband comes home and really doesn't know what he will get when he opens the door. This week I took over a part of the garage to finish some painting projects because I need to finish them and get them out of the garage for more room to store Christmas decorations. 

3. By the time Thursday rolled around I was really on top of things, laundry was done, kept up with most of my cleaning schedule, cooked dinners and baked cookies and coffee bars. It seems as though this week was a huge "MOMMY WIN!" Seriously going to enjoy it while it lasts because I know come Monday, I can be a total hot mess again. 

4. It would seem that everyone (or at least three of my friends) is reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I haven't read it in years so I ordered a new copy and my husband wanted to read American Sniper. Two movies, two books. Isn't the book almost always better than the movie? Although I think that the Hunger Games movies are pretty close and really good. My biggest movie disappointment though was Water for Elephants, I adore that book but the movie was awful. Also I just love that my husband enjoys reading!

5. Lil' man has had quite the eventful week. He has been trying some new table foods, started to crawl and absolutely loves his walker or as I like to call it "his car". When he rolls down the hallway it is like he is on Fast and Furious, he gets this from his father AND his mother.  He is getting to be so talkative and lately he has been flirting with people when we are out and about. He puts his head down and looks up with his eyes all coy. Such a heart breaker. I am really not ready for him to crawl or walk, that is just going to be opening a new can of worms and I'll go back to being a hot mess *see number 3*. 

5 Photos:
Lil' man and I on our way to the flea market. 

Meal planning with the help of a 1964 Betty Crocker Cookbook. 
My painting projects, because everyone needs a pair of wood shoes from Holland. 

I had a mom date when I went to pick up our books all by myself, even got a coffee and went to Kinko's to make copies. 
This is lil' man making laps down the hallway, he can do a pretty mean raspberry. 

Well this was a fantastic week for me and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you again next Friday!


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