Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five: Beach, Grandparents and Sewing

Sheesh! Another week has past and it was such an eventful one!! Please join the fun of Five thoughts and Five photos at Emmymom2's Linky Party HERE

5 Thoughts:

1. My parents came for the holiday weekend. It was such a nice visit, it was so relaxed and laid back. Most of the time was spent at home but we did take lil' man to the beach for the very first time because the weather was so gorgeous. He loved the sand and mostly all of the attention. 

2. Since my parents were visiting, the hubs and I were able to go on a date!! We hadn't been out to dinner, alone, just the two of us since before lil' man was born. So basically 7 months ago. It was fabulous!! 

3. After my parents left, I must have been so relaxed that my body decided it was time to get sick. So the last few days I have spent just resting and trying to stay hydrated. As of right now, lil' man hasn't gotten sick. 

4. Speaking of lil'man, he is totally loving sitting in his high chair and eating. Before he was born I found a 1950's chrome high chair with atomic silver and gold star bursts on the seat. Initially I thought I might just buy a new one, but it really is perfect, it sits at the perfect height of our chrome dinner table and the tray is super easy to clean. They just don't make things like they used to. 

5. Since lil'man is sleeping through the night and I was sick, a few of the nights my body just didn't want to sleep, my eyes wouldn't shut. So I spent either the late night or the early morning sewing. It was really nice to be able to finish some projects to pass the time. It's late now, I'm feeling better but I still can't sleep. 

5 Photos: 
Lil'man's first visit to the beach!! He just loves his Grandpa and Grandma. 

Lil' man in his high chair eating dinner. Half the time I forget a bib. 

This is the fabric I scored at the flea market, we only walked two aisles and left early because I felt so crummy. 

I hope to show you what I worked on next week for St. Patrick's Day!

The casserole carrier I custom made for a customer, it was so cute I want to make another one for myself.

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend! Stay tuned for my Project Bag tutorial this coming week.


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