Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Five: My Two Loves

It is that time again, Friday and it is evening before Valentine's Day. So let's get started, be sure to join in on the fun and link up to Emmymom2's Friday Five Link Party

5 Thoughts:

1. This week had a "first" for me, I wrote a sewing tutorial for another blog and it just wasn't any blog, it was the one that really was the initial inspiration for me to start blogging. Bev at Flamingotoes was a blog that I started following and then I built up the courage to start my own. I emailed her with questions and she answered me and was so sweet in helping me get started. We have since met and have been friends, it was such an honor to be on her blog. 

2. It is Friday night and I can say that we are finished with the living room. The paint is finished, carpet installed and furniture back in place. We are almost finished on the bar so I am going to hold off on showing you until we are completely done. 

3. Lil' man had a big week, he is mobile, eating more solids and has started sleeping through the night!! Having this much rest really took some adjusting. 

4. Valentine's Day is tomorrow and we really don't have any plans. I must say that it is my LEAST favorite holiday. I have a younger brother and it is his birthday and it was always a day to celebrate him. I'm not big into roses or fancy jewelry for that matter. I will say that this year I have two Valentines and they are pretty sweet. 

5. My parents are coming for a visit over this long weekend. They love their only grandchild so much and they want to be here more; but come as often as they can. It is so neat to see my parents interacting with him, it brings them so much joy. So I guess it is safe to say that the hubs and I just may have a date this weekend since I have Grandma and Grandpa here to watch lil'man. 

5 Photos:
My lil' Love, Happy Valentine's Day Photo by Emily Kathryn Photography

This is my project posted on Facebook, I will post the project next week on my blog. 
I did do a little bit of thrifting this week, I scored some dishes, vintage sheets and a bunny for spring. 

We went to the farmers market this week and it was so sunny he didn't even try to take off his sunglasses. 

This is my love, my husband, my valentine. We just love him so!!

I hope you enjoyed your week and that you have a very special Valentine's Day. See you next week!


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