Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five: Superbowl, Paint and Dog Troubles

This week started out with sadness but trying to stay positive it was overall a pretty good week but I have some stories to tell. Be sure to join the party over at EmmyMom2's Link Party Friday Five

5 Thoughts:

1. The night before the Superbowl, I stayed up way to late making lil' man a new onesie and a Seahawk boppy cover to match. They lost. It was really sad, I am still a proud fan but couldn't help feeling lost and out of sorts on Monday, which lead to having ice cream for dinner. 

2. It will almost be one year in our home. When we first moved in, we were really blessed that my parents came down to help us move (because I was super pregnant) and my dad brought his paint sprayer and painted the entire house *Except* the family room. So this week we finished up and painted the last few walls to get ready for new carpet. I painted the brick wall/fireplace and it was awful! Painting brick just plain sucks. But it is done and it looks fresh and clean. 

3. Okay, I know I am going to sound rude and possibly mean but very rarely do I ever have to go into the post office because most of my shipping I do from home. However, this week lil' man and I went in to get some stamps for the Valentine cards we were sending out. MAJOR PET PEEVE: This woman was racing me to the door and then made a big deal about getting in front of me in line. She had two huge boxes and nothing was labeled or taped together. It bothers me because she wasn't even ready to ship her things and she used a ball point pen and one strip of tape on a box that was the size of a microwave. YIKES!! Please, if you are shipping boxes, get in line when you are ready, you are better off with at least three strips of tape and don't race the girl with a stroller, I'm just buying stamps. 

4. We went out to dinner this week for Mexican food. This trip lil' man was able to sit in the high chair for the first time. The hubs gave him some rice but he really didn't care for that but just threw it everywhere. We made a huge mess but it was totally worth it because hubs and I really enjoyed the moment with our son. *Side note: it was early on a Wednesday and we left a good tip for the mess we created. 

5. It was a crazy week for my furry babies. It was warm and for some reason my littlest baby, Meja, decided she would try walking on the pool cover. That really didn't work out for her, I heard the splash and ran out to pull her out (she is light enough that she could almost walk around but really just sat there). Then my oldest baby, Audrey, she had eaten so much grass that night which made her totally throw up and then she wouldn't eat. So the next morning I took her to the vet to make sure she was okay, well that was during lil'man's nap time: picture crying tired baby, crying hungry cairn terrier and only two arms for the both of them. *They both weigh near 20 pounds!! Good news is that Audrey is feeling better and we sat in the driveway for about 45 minutes while lil' man took a nap. Let sleeping baby sleep. 

5 Photos:
The onesie I made, boppy cover and lil'man wearing it on game day. We went to Lowe's before game time to buy paint. 

Painting the family room, it was an awful cream color. Audrey leaned up against the brick and it gave her "highlights". 

Pet Peeve: have your stuff ready and don't race the lady with the baby. 

In the high chair like a big boy, his favorite avocado on his chin, he didn't like the rice. 

I'm probably a bad mom for taking the photo of Meja on the pool cover, then Audrey and I in the driveway while lil'man took a nap.

Hope everyone had a good week. Looking forward to next week and to opening day of Baseball.

Go Mariners!!


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