Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Updated Retro Record Player

I love vinyl. 

Little nostalgic, possibly. But there isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to music. It is everywhere and it is incorporated in our lives to the jingles on television, internet radio and ringtones on our phones. 

My dad had a record player, so growing up my brother and I were able to listen to my dad's records. And to this day, both my brother and I have our own record players and still listen to the amazing sound that only a vinyl record can produce. 

Little nostalgic, of course. One song can put you back to a significant time in your life, whether it be your wedding song, high school top charts hit or something your mom sang in the kitchen. You hear it and your there in that moment once again. 

Gosh, I can sing the words to songs from middle school but I can't remember my passwords for half of my accounts. 

This is my first record player. It was a hand-me-down, discarded from an elementary school. I wanted to add it to my workspace but I thought I would update it to fit in with my color scheme. 

I painted two coats of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in her newest colors, English Yellow. I then finished with clear and dark wax. 

Looks pretty awesome!!

Most played records in my collection would have to be a new set of Nat King Cole Trio that I scored off of eBay. I just love his voice, its like melted butter or chocolate cake with ice cream...just delicious!
From Instagram @kofcolors
As for my brother, I asked him what his favorite record was and his reply "David Bowie:Live at the Tower or Sammy Hagar:Standing Hampton". 

My brother and I listened to a lot of Sammy Hagar growing up. 

Although my brother has quite a larger collection of vinyl than myself, he counted near 150 records. 

I have gotten him at least a dozen, what can I say, his sister is AWESOME!!!

What is your favorite record? Or what song brings back tons of memories for you?


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