Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's Treasure: Retro Kitchen

It is one of those conversations with your husband where he would really like a new washer and dryer (even though he rarely does laundry) and you try to deflect the conversation by saying that "well, I would love a better refrigerator" and he gets on his phone and starts to look. 

And what can I say, he understands me. 
So one evening starts with "let's go out to dinner" which quickly leads to "don't be mad, I found it on craigslist" and I am ALWAYS leery of those words. 
But my husband is a sweetheart. We spent the evening picking up this amazing original 1955 General Electric Refrigerator. It has been restored and repainted but it is original and fits my home and personality. 

Before we had a starter fridge, it was old, loud and missing the drawers. But with the new yellow beauty it looks fabulous in my kitchen. 

What is so cool about this fridge? It has its original and very rare lazy-susan shelves, that rotate all the way around. The side door has a compartment for butter, that leaves it slightly warmer so that it will easily cut with a butter knife. 

Just so you get a better idea of my kitchen decor, check out my "Julia Child" inspired wall. I just love her. Check out my pinterest board dedicated to her Julia Child

And if you didn't think I am retro enough...check out my coffee pot. 

Until next time with my "new" treasures. 


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