Sunday, September 8, 2013

Visiting my Parents in Pasco, Washington

I am really a Idaho sweetheart, but after my brother and I moved out of the house my parents relocated to Pasco, Washington. 

Pasco is not my hometown, it is just where my parents live. And not having grown up there makes it a lot of fun to visit because there are so many things I haven't seen or experienced, each trip brings a new adventure.

My Family is pretty small (*this was a solo trip, Mr.KofColors couldn't make it). Mom and Dad have been married for 33 years. They built this house shortly after I was married. 

 I have a younger brother who is a huge Star Wars, Seattle Mariners and Seahawk fan. You see a lot of the things I make or buy him in my blog posts. He has the sweetest dog in the world, her name is Walker Texas Ranger.

Notice my dad and brother wearing Mariner's shirts? My dad lives in Seattle Mariner shirts, in all the photos he is wearing one. 

We all have dogs, we are dog family. My parents have 4: Bucko, Sugar Pie, Atticus and Shorty. My brother has Walker Texas Ranger. And I have Audrey and Meja. 

If you put all the dogs together you have a pack. 

The plaques at the top remind me of the dolls in "It's a Small World" at Disneyland. 
Mom took both my brother and I to a few antique stores in town. My brother looks for records, mom and I love just about everything. My score was a tiny Sew-EZ sewing machine and my mom went away with these colorful Rooster salt & pepper shakers. 

My mom also loves to craft. She loves paper crafts and makes these amazing paper banners. We spent lots of time in her craft room creating different books with paper and binding them with her awesome CINCH machine. 
While crafting we were watching "The Help" and I was driving mom nuts because I can quote the whole movie.
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One thing that I did not inherit from either side of my family is a green thumb. My mom is amazing at gardening, she grows beautiful flowers, roses and has an extensive vegetable and fruit garden in her backyard.  Most of the salads and vegetables that we ate came directly from her garden. 
When mom took me to the local farmers market, we didn't buy any vegetables because she already had them at home. 

Daily she goes out to "harvest" for the evening meal. Having me there gave her extra hands at picking the cherry tomatoes, although I probably ate more than I picked. Little Atticus sure loved me, she was my little shadow for most of the trip. 

Overall it was a short but lovely trip to visit my family. It was a nice and HOT summer adventure. 

So I end with this amazing vintage pitcher I bought my mom to hold her gorgeous roses. 


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