Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Herb Garden: Potted in a Thrift Store Kitchen Colander

I know that previously I've written that my thumbs are not green. Exact opposite! However this season has been a drastic change, probably because I actually watered.  

This may be a little late for the planting season but nonetheless here is a great way to keep a small herb garden. Plus I wanted to show you that my plants haven't died yet. 

I bought my first colander at a thrift store for less than $3.00.  (Yellow Colander). Then I purchased a coco liner from Lowes for $2.99 and three different types of herbs roughly $2.00 each. 

So far I am at $12.00. 

And this summer I wasn't having to spend extra cash on store bought herbs from the store. (Those small packages are $2.99 each!)

Then I purchased a set of alphabet stamps and made little markers for each herb. Super cute in the kitchen colander. Silverware is super cheap at the thrift store and added charm to my little garden. 

Later on I found an even bigger and older colander for $6.00. Spent a little more to get a bigger coco liner and three different varieties of basil, because I use a lot of basil cooking and it just smells so divine. 

Overall these thrifty planters are easy to move about the patio, I have to water a little more frequently but having fresh herbs for a meal is awesome. 

Want an awesome recipe to use your fresh basil? Check out my Fresh Tomato Bruschetta.

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