Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday's Treasures #6: Lamp Redo and Fire King Dishes

A little behind on my Thursday's treasures, however it is working to my advantage because you will really see a great progression on how I transformed my house, again, this summer. 

Let's begin with this little berry dish. The color was just charming and the little handles on the side made it unique. The stamp on the bottom looked curious so I bought it for $1.99. Little did I know that this was a dish from the T.S.& T. Lu-Ray Pastels Collection.  It will work great for holding all the cute buttons that scatter my desk. 

Funny story, I had a friend who was moving out of her home and her husband accidentally took her favorite dishes to Goodwill. She went back to get them and they were already gone. I would just feel awful if I lost something that I loved so dear...

but on the flip side

Someone dropped off a whole set of Fire King Laurel Pattern Peach Lustre dishes. And I walked in, the clouds parted the sun light guided me and started jumping for joy in the aisle when I discovered them. 

An elderly lady joined in my excitement and watched the dishes for me while I went to get a cart, because clearly, thrifting can be a TEAM sport

Someone really took care and loved these dishes. Maybe it was someone's husband who took the wrong box...

They were clearly meant for me because it was a setting for six and looked stunning on my grey chrome table. 

And then I purchased this ugly lamp. It was embarrassing to walk out with it, but it was $1.99 and my creative side was thinking it would be a perfect end table lamp. 

I used Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in the color Emperor's Silk  with clear and dark wax. After applying the dark wax it really gave it a richness. 

What gave it a finished look was this burlap lamp shade that I bought from Lowe's.  It looks fantastic in my living room. 


The lampshade alone was $25.00!!! SHEESH!! 

Well I can't wait till next week when you see what goes along with my dishes and the new look to my living space. 

May the thrifting odds be ever in your favor. 


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