Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vintage Cherry Farm Fresh Fruit Basket with Fabric Liner

"Life is just a basket full of cherries."

Just love me some vintage cherries and my dear friends were so kind as to gift me this AMAZING Farm Fresh Fruit basket. (Thanks Patricia and Michael)  Just to give it more charm I had to make a cherry print liner. 

Started with making a inner liner out of some muslin. That way it was double-lined with material to make it durable. 

A casing was made with the extra selvage, that way I could add the charming red ribbon.  To make sure that the ribbon doesn't shift, hand-stitched vintage Cherry Buttons to hold in place. 

It turned out to be super adorable. Now I use it to hold my mail, shopping list notepads and pens. Makes it really convenient so when company comes over I can just move the basket to a discreet part of the house. 

Best matches all my retro decor in my kitchen and dining room. Loving the "Farm Fresh" charm. 


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