Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday 5: Gonzaga, Backyard and Spring Fun!!

What a week!! It was just eventful with all of the northwest sports. Gonzaga made it to the final four for the first time and then they made it to the finals. It was just so awesome!!

We were so lucky that Uncle Dan sent us some new Gonzaga shirts so that we could show our Bulldog Pride!! Again, I cut the adult shirts down and made little red and blue raglans for the boys. The final game between UNC was such a good game, we were sad they lost but it was neat that they made it. Gonzaga plays Pepperdine so I like to rock my Gonzaga gear here in SoCal. 

Monday was the basketball finals and it was also opening day for baseball. Seattle Mariners were on the road in Houston for their opener. (They didn't win either.)

Spring is in full bloom here with lovely weather. We have gotten tons of beautiful blooms from the local farmers market, I finished a dress from a new pattern. Everett loved this new peg toy that Grandma Diana sent him and Miles just loves all the glo-sticks that he got from Uncle Dan (He sleeps holding them). Dad installed a new retro security screen door and it will bring some added breeze through the house this summer. 

Speaking of summer, we are making lots of progress on our backyard. Dad installed a French drain with the help of the boys. We are getting all ready for grass, sprinklers and bark and hopefully a swing set. Looking forward to spending lots of time in the backyard this summer. 

And I'm going to leave you with this handsome guy. He had an awesome week and was so helpful with grocery shopping and helping Dad move the gravel. He is such a love. 

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!


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