Sunday, April 30, 2017

Friday 5: End of April

We end the month of April on a high note, we did so much in the last seven days of the month. Dad was gone for work, the weather was beautiful and it started to feel like summer. 

We did some exploring this week. We went on a walk down by the beach and found a little neighborhood library. We took a book and hope to return in the coming week to take a few books back. We also visited the local splash pad for the first time, after some hesitation the boys just loved it. 

I made cupcakes in ice cream cones late one night, hoping to frost them the next day. But "someone" was smart enough to eat the tops and then return them to their racks hoping I wouldn't notice. 

And yesterday we had our first official pool day of 2017. Everett is big enough for a larger life jacket and he is able to paddle his arms and kick in a more natural style. We are signed up for swim lessons, so it is exciting to see him progress. 

We did a lot of baking this week. We made Peanut Butter Apple Banana bread, you can find the recipe HERE. Miles loved it and couldn't stop eating it. 

Toddler play activity this week was just a fancy 52 card pick up. Everett just loved putting all the playing cards in a cup where I had cut a slit for the cards to go in. It was a huge hit!!

And I'm ending this post on the big day the boys had at Rail Fest in Fillmore. 

They were able to ride the Steam Train and see the model trains. After Dad was gone all week for work, I thought some one on one time would be great so I didn't go. It was hard not to be there to experience it with them but they need to do things with just Dad too!

So we say goodbye to April and we have lots of exciting things coming up in May. Looking forward to May the 4th. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. 


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