Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Five: Fish, Playtime and Yoga

Another week whooshed past and we had lots of fun considering we were all sick with a virus. Finished a dress last weekend and when I was trying to get some photos Everett wanted to pose too! He's such a love. 

We had to go to Walmart for a few things and we always walk by the fish. This time we impulse bought a betta fish with a small tank that lights up. The boys love it!! We are waiting anxiously for Everett to pick a name for him (I'm assuming he is a boy because it is all boys here). Meanwhile he is in our kitchen and they like to get up on the stool and watch him. 

This is really the first time that Miles has been really sick. He really is a trooper and still a smiling boy for feeling so crummy. He has been climbing on everything, he likes to climb up the stool in the kitchen and write on my planner. I've hired him as my new assistant (he knows short hand). 

Uncle Dan sent a huge Thomas the Train Pirate Ship track set for Everett and I set it up (you really need an engineering degree to put some of these toys together).  

Also both boys are really starting to play together. Especially when they think I'm not looking. When I'm busy helping Everett, that is when Miles knows he can go climb something and if he has enough time he will get to the highest point possible.

We've been walking more places because the weather has just been gorgeous. We go to the park, library and farmers market.

 I thought that it would be beneficial for me to maybe do some yoga at home with a instructional video online. After starting it I realized that I had to video record it because the boys were just hilarious. Here is a time-lapse of 20 minutes of yoga.

This is my reality with most things I do around the house. Quite the juggling game, constant chaos and tons of energy with two little boys. 

We hope that you have a lovely Easter weekend. We are on the road to getting better but keeping things relaxed. 


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