Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday 5: Easter, Baking and Earth Day

Another fun filled week has passed by. We accomplished so many things this week and got so much done. We started the week with Easter. 

Dad had to work all weekend and he ended up taking a call on Easter morning. So that left the boys and I by ourselves but a wonderful friend invited us over for Easter brunch so we dressed up/cleaned up and headed over. We had such a wonderful time. They had a lovely egg hunt and both boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

We got back into baking again this week, we tried a new cookie recipe. April's Oatmeal Rounds did not become a favorite for us, although we tried them they were just to bland and flat. Hopefully we will find something better to try next week. We wouldn't have favorites if there wasn't some not so good cookies to remind us of the good ones. 

I also made white sandwich bread from scratch this week. It made three huge delicious, soft loaves. We will definitely put this recipe into our rotation. You can find the recipe here

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I found an early learning activity for toddlers painting globes with blue/green paint and balloons. We tried it out and it was a huge success. I put down some recycled packaging paper and let Everett have at it. Mess was minimal with the paper down and clean up was easy because it was washable paint. The globes really turned out beautiful. 

Gearing up for a busy weekend, we have some things planned but we will also just hang out around the house. We've really been enjoying books lately, the weekly trips to the library help. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend and week ahead. 


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