Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Five: Birthday Party with Grandparents, Travel and Greeting April

Easter Play Date at a friends home. 
We had a wonderful week of travel, family, and celebrations. March flew by so fast and we are quickly approaching April. 

We traveled up north to celebrate Miles's first birthday with family and friends. Everett and Dad drove up in our truck while Miles and I flew up. Everett had so much fun with Dad exploring a train museum, an indoor gym and lots of fun activities on their lengthy drive. Miles fell asleep in the most uncomfortable position, I couldn't feel my legs but he was quiet for most of the flight so I can't complain. 

We had our party at a Mexican restaurant. It was an easy way to accommodate everyone. We had a very special photo taken of the four generations of Wick guys, great grandfather Arney, grandfather Dennis, Uncle Dan, Everett and Miles. Let's face it, it is a ton of trouble and sass in one photo. We ended the party with some swimming at the pool where Grandma Trudy, Grandpa Don and Uncle Brandon were staying. Miles really enjoyed swimming in the pool with dad. 

I think that my parents enjoyed our visit the most. They really love their grandsons. Proud Grandparents. 

We all flew home together. Ended the week with writing thank you cards and sewing. 
I made Everett a new train t-shirt and some Easter flannel pajama pants to match their new Bunny shirts for an Easter playdate they had. 

Looking forward to April. Gonzaga made it to the final four for the first time, Seattle Mariners opening day is Monday and our wedding anniversary is Tuesday. This coming week is going to be a good one for us!! Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend. 


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