Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Shamrock Quilted Table Runner

It has been nearly five years since I've seriously quilted. It is really a sad story that has been pushed down deep in hopes that I forget about it and never try to go back. 

But recently it was Quilt Con in Savannah, Georgia and the large group of crafty friends went and were posting photos on social media and I got to thinking...maybe I should quilt again, maybe it is time. 

Let me go back to the beginning. My parents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas in high school and after receiving it I bought a quilts magazine. Inside was a lap quilt pattern  that was pretty so I compiled the fabric and gave it a go. It was magical, I loved it and started more bigger and harder patterns. 

So I had been quilting for a few years when I made two quilts, a small lap quilt for a friend and a larger queen size farm quilt for my mother. My quilter was in Montana so I'd send my projects up to her, she would quilt them and send them back. This time when she sent them back she didn't get tracking and she didn't put my address on the inside and USPS lost them. There was no way to track and they were just gone into oblivion. All the hard work, cost in material and quilting was lost. I was heartbroken and just gave up quilting. 

Just recently I found this Shamrock block on Pinterest and since March was coming up, it was a perfect time to get back into the swing of things. 

You can find the block pattern HERE, it is from They came together very quickly and they are very large. It was a perfect size to make a table runner. 

I am hoping to start a few other projects in the near future. Probably something for spring, maybe even a full size quilt. 

It is March first so here are a few of my other March Projects from the past. 


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