Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five: Amtrak and Boys who Drive

What a wonderful week we had! Both boys had so much fun. Miles's personality is really blooming and he is really showing us what a funny and fearless little guy that he is. 

He had been watching his brother so much on his Thomas Power Wheels that he started getting on it himself and trying to drive. 

I ended up finding another power wheel, a little four-wheeler, so that both boys could have their own wheels. We kept the 6V battery in Miles's car so that he isn't going as fast as Everett. He is getting better but he really hasn't gotten the concept of steering. Everett just loves when Miles wants to drive around. 

We didn't make any new cookies this week but we ended up making two batches of Chocolate Chip cookies. The cookies disappear fast in our house. 

Ended the week with Lance and Everett taking a short train ride on the Amtrak. They traveled up to Surf Station, California. It is such a beautiful trip to take on the coast. Miles and I drove the car to pick them up. Everett had such a good time traveling with dad. 

In other news, demolition of our back fence happened this week. I'll update when it is finished but it has been very exciting watching the old fence come down and the them start to build the new fence. We still have gotten so much rain that it has made things difficult, but we are anxious to see the end results. 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and we are getting prepped for March. Miles will be turning ONE next month. 


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