Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Five: Valentine's Day

It was the week of love! Valentine's Day  was early in the week but we seemed to have fun for the entire week. Lots of cookies, trains, mud and sunshine. 

We started the week with some fun bubble train fun. Let's just say we could write an pretty good thesis paper on trains and the positive effects they have on toddlers.  The song is pretty annoying but watching them giggle and dance is well worth it. 

Huge success with making sugar cookies from scratch for the first time ever this week. They were soft and delicious. Everett helped with making the dough but I ended up doing the frosting because he just wanted to eat it. We made heart and "love" train cookies and delivered six packages to some special ladies the boys see all the time. 

The rest of the week was spent getting as much play time outside before another storm comes bringing more rain. Lots of sunshine with mud and even more train fun. 

And at the end of the week we closed with Mile's photo shoot for this first birthday. (we have them taken early for his party invitations) If you haven't started following Emily Kathryn Photo on any sort of social media, I highly recommend it because she is the best. She has been photographing lots of newborns lately and they are just beyond beautiful. Not to mention she has been taking all of my boy's photos for nearly three years. (We are already planning Everett's 3rd birthday photos) 

Photos of my kids are my is important to me. And I'm not saying just studio portraits but even the photos from our phones and cameras. We nearly lost all of our photos on our computer and it lead me to start making hard copies of some of the more important ones. It also pushed me to start posting more on my blog because it is saved and time stamped here.

So you will see more of his photos when it gets closer to his birthday but please check out Emily Kathryn photo on Facebook and Instagram.  

Here is to another week ahead and another holiday (President's Day!). Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe weekend. 


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