Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Five: E&M Train, Bread Making and Chatting

I think this is the fourth week of Friday Five for 2017 and that is a great start. We made it through January and I'm hopeful to keep this going. 

This week started with making bread with Everett. We tried the "Grandma's English Muffin Bread" from The Taylor House. It was a recipe for two loaves. Our consensus is that it was super easy, tasted amazing and even better with some jam. (Thank you Pinterest!)

Speaking of eating food...we gave the littlest a whole piece of corn which he devoured. It was messy but it was hilarious to watch him. We are still getting fresh corn and watermelon here. 

Our oldest loves sushi!! We started him at a young age with tempura veggies and tofu nuggets. Now he is enjoying eating a veggie roll and dipping it in soy sauce. He tries so hard to master the chop sticks but its a work in progress. 

Thomas the Train power wheels comes out when Dad gets home and our littlest really wants to get in on the action so Dad hooked up another "train car" so that both of them could ride around the house. 

We were able to get some outdoor playtime before the rain returned and we also went to the indoor gym. We hadn't been to the indoor gym in such a long time and this was the first trip where Miles was really able to play too. Both boys loved going down the large slides (well I took Miles down the slides and got a workout.)

Initially I thought it was a slow and uneventful week...but looking back we really did achieved many things. We tried some new recipes and everyone has accomplished a lot of reading so it looks like we will have to make another trip to the library. 

Just thought I'd leave you with this. We  were finally able to catch Miles saying some new words on video. This kid is going to keep me on my toes. 

We have a busy weekend ahead. Wishing everyone a wonderful beginning to February. 


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