Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Five: Rice, Cookies and Climbing

The rain stopped and we were able to get out and have some play time outside. It was so much fun to watch Miles getting used to walking in shoes.

Our activity this week was some sensory play with colored rice. I found the recipe online and it was so much easier than coloring the macaroni with the added bonus that I didn't have to worry about Miles choking on it. 

I just put 1 1/2 cup in a quart bag, added a few drops of food coloring and a few squirts of hand sanitizer. Shook the bags and then laid the rice on paper towels to dry. 

We had so much fun filling cups and pouring it. A little bit of rice really does go a long way. 

Our cookie this week was Applesauce Raisin Cookies from my retro Betty Crocker Cooky Book. It is really easy and it turned out more like a cookie/muffin because it is super moist  like a cupcake, yet soft consistency of a cookie. Perfect for a early morning snack. 

In other news this week, we went to the farmers market and also out to breakfast where Everett had his first cup of hot chocolate. Everett also loves the "taco trucks" we got for Christmas. He wouldn't eat a taco until we started putting them into the "taco truck" holder. 

I also took both boys to our local library and we got a library card so that we could check out some train books. Everett just loves to read and he loves trains so it was fun to pick up some new train books to add in our reading rotation.  

And let me end this week by showing you what kind of shenanigans are going on around here. Miles sure loves to climb and he's sneaky about it. He's definitely going to keep my on my toes. 

Hoping everyone has a lovely, fun filled weekend. 


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