Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Five: Trains, Trains and more Trains! Choo Choo

We started the week with our little guy turning 10 months. It has gone by so incredibly fast. He's walking solo 95% of the time, he loves to follow his brother everywhere, he just started saying "oh wow" and he's just has a fearless personality.

We visited Travel Town in Griffith Park. To say that Everett loves trains is an understatement. We had such a good time walking amongst all the old trains and we saved the small train ride for last because we knew it would take a ton of bribing to get him off. We couldn't stay and he left in tears but we will definitely be back. 

With Martin Luther King Day holiday, hubs was able to be home so we took a small trip down the coast to have breakfast in Malibu.  We went to Paradise Cove so that we could take the kids out on the picturesque beach. It was beautiful, one of the fisherman had caught a sting ray they were trying to drag it back into the ocean. Lots of dolphins were close to the shore, lots to see. 

We had so many cookies from last week that we made a small batch of chocolate chip this week. Everett knows when the chocolate chips go in now.

Since Everett loves trains so much, I found someone trying to sell an electric train set on craigslist. It turns out it was a pretty nice set, all original with the warranty paperwork. The person I bought it from said that she and her brother played with it a lot, inside was a bell just like the movie The Polar Express. It was pretty magical. 

And finally, we ended the week with a huge thrift store score. I picked up this Thomas Power Wheels for $10.50. It wasn't working but I knew the Hubs could get it to work. Not only did he get it to work but he used a 12 volt battery to get it moving rather than the 6 volt. It!! Everett was in heaven and he even let his little brother get in on the action after awhile.

Excited for a new week ahead. It is raining hard here so we will be spending some time inside. 


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